Community Health and Mental Wellness Programs

  • Organized and supervised seven corporate/family basketball tournaments – four in Barrow and one each in Wainwright, Point Hope, Anaktuvuk Pass and Nuiqsut.
  • Initiated a three on three basketball tournament in Barrow and Nuiqsut where the winners then advanced to the state three on three tournament in Fairbanks.
  • Organized and supervised an adult soccer tournament in Barrow.
  • Sponsored an adult volleyball tournament in Kaktovik.
  • Organized a golf tournament along with weekly golf instructions in Barrow.
  • Introduced ultimate frisbee in Barrow, Nuiqsut and Kaktovik.
  • Helped organized and facilitate a 14 mile and 5 mile road race in Barrow.
  • Sponsored community open gyms and after school recreation and learning activities in Wainwright, Point Lay, Barrow and Kaktovik.
  • Sponsored and coached an adult travel basketball team in Nuiqsut.
  • Presented sports camps in every Arctic Slope community each of the past three years.
  • Organized cultural craft activities in Barrow, Nuiqsut, Wainwright, Kaktovik and Point Hope.
  • Brought a community musical concert to Barrow, Nuiqsut and Kaktovik.

School Programs

  • Established the “mileage plan” program that rewards reading, physical activity and community service. The “mileage plan” program is a year long program.
  • Established and supervised a middle school basketball tournament for boys and girls on two separate occasions. The tournaments were held in Fairbanks in conjunction with the collegiate Top of the World and professional Dare to Dream basketball tournaments.
  • Introduced a drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse program in the eight village communities.
  • Brought guest speakers and clinicians to provide programs in science, art, music, technical training, history and arts and crafts to eight Arctic Slope communities.
  • Presented classroom lectures on nutrition and healthy eating habits with an emphasis on diabetes prevention.
  • Established summer opportunities for academic and athletic improvement.
  • Established and supervised the Arctic Slope writing contest, now, in its third year.
  • Introduced training in practical knowledge skills like snow machine repair and identified students with an aptitude to serve as mentors.
  • Established an ongoing music program in five Slope communities.
  • Presented a goal setting and goal completion program in the eight Arctic Slope communities.
  • Helped secure college scholarship opportunities for Slope students.
  • Introduced the study of numismatics (coin collecting) and used coins as the subject of a writing contest.
  • Utilized cultural values in the art of story telling.
  • Brought a drama coach to work with the Barrow High School Thespian troupe.
  • Provided an opportunity for boy and girl basketball players to travel and participate in an elite basketball camp.
  • Provided an opportunity for a group of Slope students to visit colleges in the contiguous states.
  • Created an academic and athletic mentoring program in Point Hope and Wainwright.

Challenge Life is a program that tries to touch people of every age and bring a smile to every face. Challenge Life is about opening new doors to the future and providing exciting opportunities. The goal of Challenge Life is to not only make a difference in the health and mental wellness of people today but to make a difference long into the future.

A final note. . .

The success of Challenge Life is steeped in the involvement of the community and the schools. We need your help and in return we pledge to give our very best. At Challenge Life, we are often contracted to perform a particular service. Our goal, however, is to go well beyond what is expected and to do more. We hope it is an attitude that becomes contagious at every stop we make.