Our Mission

The mission of the “Challenge Life Foundation” is to provide individuals the opportunity for a happy, healthy and productive life through education and stimulating programs that are mentally challenging and physically demanding.

How The Challenge Life Program Works!

The “Challenge Life” program focuses on six basic topics: academic excellence, health awareness, drug and alcohol abuse education, job training and career opportunities, personal responsibility and suicide prevention. “Challenge Life” offers the community the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of citizens in their district. Is health a growing concern? Are test scores lowering? Are job opportunities disappearing? Do citizens in the community expect rights but not responsibilities? Are drug and alcohol abuse problems growing? The answers to these questions provide a starting point to the efforts of the “Challenge Life” program in your area. The “Challenge Life” program involves the entire community in activities including offering presentations and educational opportunities through the schools, establishing programs for young adults new to the work force and utilizing the skills of senior citizens as mentors. Recent “Challenge Life” programs include establishing music, writing and physical education programs, introducing a variety of community physical activity programs like fun runs, family basketball tournaments and dance and starting a jobs training and educational opportunities program that included taking Arctic Slope students on a tour of college campuses in the Pacific Northwest.

For more information on “Challenge Life” please go to: http://www.challengelife.org

Program Directors:

Mike Hajdukovich 907 322-0626 hajduke@mac.com

Al Sokaitis 970 201-4304 sokaitis_al@hotmail.com