Spring College Tour Recap and Pictures

DSC_0355 The spring 2015 Challenge Life college tour was another success! Challenge Life was able to bring ten students from Point Hope, Point Lay, and Wainwright, on a tour of a wide variety of college options in the Great Northwest. The goal of the tour is to expose kids to college options in hopes of inspiring them to further their education and become excited about their futures. From what we experienced and from the kids reactions, the tour was just that. The students were able to visit 8 different colleges (University of Washington, Saint Martins, Centralia Community College, Peninsula College, Yakima College, Central Washington University, and Northwest Indian College) on their trip and really got a sense of what options are available and where they might have a higher chance of being successful. While on the trip Challenge Life Director, Al Sokaitis, was able to give many history lessons, a basketball clinic, and a mini lesson on the game of golf. The kids really enjoyed their time on the tour, but more importantly, the kids came away with a college plan, an understanding of general college admissions, and an idea of what college options are out there. This opportunity happens twice every year (spring and fall) and is made available to all. If you are interested, please get in touch with us on our social media sites or on our website (www.challengelife.org). Please stay tuned for our next college tour of the Northeast in the fall of 2015. More pictures can be found in the documents tab under image gallery.