Barrow Family Tournament Recap

Ohana Team Champs 2015     The Barrow Family Tournament wrapped up Saturday night, as Team Ohana eventually pulled away from the Rexford family.  The much anticipated, annual event was divided between a Corporate division and a Family division this year to accommodate more teams and players.  There were 9 family teams this year, with more than 100 players participating - ranging from little kids barely able to dribble to community elders.  The teams were: Ohana, Amistoso-Bucacat, Rexford, Tula'i, Aalaak, Dunbar, Atagnaq, Okakok, and the Gerke's.  The event saw many spectators, including Mayor Brower and her husband.  Thank you all for your participation and dedication to living a healthy life-style.  Find more picture in our Photo Gallery. Family Tournament Teams 2015